I have been using a lot of hair sprays these days. I know it might be damaging for my hair however I can’t stop! Hair spray is the only way to add volume to my other wise limp and life less hair. I love this hair spray from L’oreal, however as it is very over priced in Japan, I need to find Japanese alternatives. Kao has the monopoly on the hair spray market in Japan. There is a majority of Kao hairspray variations in Japanese drug stores. I always use this however I wanted to try another one therefore I bought Kao Free Arrange Hair Spray.

It retails for $5 for 140 gms. I love its packaging. It comes in a cute white metallic container with pink, grey and golden polka dots on it. I would be lying if I said that I was not attracted by its packaging. Also, it is not very bulky and quite convenient for travelling.

It smells strongly like a medicinal spray but it thankfully disappears after sometime. It claims to be free arrange. And yes I can easily break the product with a brush and restyle it. However, if I try to brush my hair at the end of the day, it is a pain to break the hairspray. It literally takes a lot of effort and hair breakage to get the product out of your hair. And hair is just so sticky with the leftover hair spray.

It doesn’t leave any white residue and flakes but sometimes it makes my hair little shiny. I don’t like that effect because it looks oily.
Overall an ok hair spray at a reasonable price. Using it hasn’t led to any hairful, so that’s an added bonus. But I will not purchase it again.