Precious Garden is a drugstore line from Kosé Cosmeport. This series makes use of the natural garden scents from organic plants. It currently carries three products in various scents:
• Body Milk (Romantic Rose, Relaxing Flower, Honey Peach & Juicy Citrus)
• Hand Cream (Fairy Berry, Romantic Rose, Relaxing Flower & Honey Peach)
• Lip Cream (Fresh Berry, Honey Peach & Sweet Lemonade)

Precious Garden claims to have:

1. Enriched moisturizing performance that gives an instant moisture replenishment to body parts, giving you a comfortable, supple, and moisture rich feel

2. Fragrance from organic certified plants that freshly grow in paradise, which are rich in fragrance that can be divided into top note, middle note, and end note, just like a perfume

3. Moisture Ingredients such as organic camomilla extract, honey, rose/lavender/peach/grapefruit extract, and glycerin for moisture care

Kose Cosmeport Precious Garden Lip Cream is made with natural ingredients and fragrance to plump up moisture in the lips. It contains organic plant extracts such as shea butter and olive oil, honey and peach extracts, additive-free ingredients such as mineral oil, colouring, parabens (preservative agent) and alcohol (ethyl alcohol). It claims to seal moisture in the lips for a long time. It melts on your lips, and makes them plump. It also has SPF20 PA++ that protects the lips from UV rays, one of the factors causing dryness and sunburn. It uses natural flavorings which gives a faint lovely scent of honey peach. It does not contain artificial colors and preservatives, so is safe and natural to use.

I have been using Fresh Berry and Sweet Lemonade for the last couple of months and have been really liking them. They smell nice and keep my lips smooth and moisturized. I don’t need to reapply often, I feel they really get absorbed in my lips quickly. They are not like those waxy lip balms that stay on the lips forever doing nothing!

The packaging is cute, colorful and handy too. They have the typical chap stick packaging in a roll up tube. A 3.3g tube costs around $4 in all drugstores.

Overall it is a good lip balm and does it job well. It is not the best I have used but I don’t have any complains!

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