Honestly speaking I just got this eyeliner pencil because I had left my make up bag at home and needed a quick swipe of eyeliner to wake up my tired eyes in the morning. Shiseido Majolica Majorca Jeweling Pencil Eyeliner was in front of me and I was anyways planning to buy a pencil eyeliner to line my water line. Majolica Majorca is the cool and funky sub brand of Shiseido aimed at younger people.

Another thing that attracted me was that it comes in 10 shades (that’s a lot to choose from!!). I bought BK 901 Sparkle Black for $7 for 0.8g of product. Packaging is cute, but nothing extra-ordinary I feel. Other Majolica Majorca products have cuter packaging.

It claims to be a soft and creamy pencil with gorgeous pearlscent sheen. It gives a sparkly finish and adds shimmer and intensity, defining eyes with attention grabbing glimmer.

It has glitters but very subtle. It is nicely pigmented and very smooth on application. However it is too smooth I would say because it smears into my eyelids within 5 minutes. Staying power is decent, as it stays on for good 8-9 hours. However I have noticed that it fades a bit after 3-4 hours but I don’t mind re-touching it. Also it smudges only in the beginning but in the later stages it is quite smudge proof.

The pencil is very short and considering that, price is on the higher side. Overall it is a good product. I might try it in other shades or in white to line my water line but I am not going to get the black one again!!

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  1. Bhavika

    The eyeliner looks so nice! I wish it had more staying power and didn’t smear as often because then I would actually consider getting it. 😀


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