A very very belated Happy New Year to all you lovely people!!I have been missing in action for quite some time now.I was busy with some personal work….have an exam in the waiting…need to study a lot now:( and then our hp laptop crashed…that’s why!!But I am back again on the blogging scene with a brand new Apple MacBook Pro!!!

There are lot’s of stuff I have scored in past few days but to begin with here ‘s a pair of shoes I bought from a Japanese brand called Spinns!!I got it just for 1990 Japanese Yen(26$)..completely a cheap impulse buy.But I am so glad I got them, considering they look so cute and go well with most of my clothes and they are super comfy considering the high heels…absolutely by my standards…absolutely!!!




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  1. Gayatri

    Ohhhh those shoes are so so so cute! And you have a new Macbook Pro? I’m jealous. Hope you’ve had a fabulous 2012 so far.


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