Ba Ba Black Sheep…..

Check out these cute sheep/lamb….not sure:( mannequins in UNIQLO, Japan’s leading clothing retail chain. They have launched their new Merino wool winter wear…will be checking it out nxt week…..till then xoxo:)

Things to do in Osaka:Osaka World Trade Centre

Top from Zara(990 Yen or approx 11$ on sale), skirt from H&M(1490 Yen or approx 17 $), shoes from UNIQLO(3000 Yen or approx 34$), bag from Mango(299 Dirhams or approx 83 $)

Last weekend we went to Trade Centre…… is such a beautiful place…..harbour, gardens, shops, restaurants… in short everything I like!!!!!The Sun was amazing and the location was perfect to take few snaps…….

Now coming on to my outfit…..I m wearing top from Zara which was on sale and an impulse buy ….anyways I was on a lookout for a nice casual T-shirt kind of thing… skirt is from H&M……I was not sure whether I should buy it or not and was actually debating about it for weeks…..I am not much of a skirt type of person but seeing other bloggers wearing so much of skirts I was tempted…..I had actually seen black skirt with full zipper but as it was not available in my size I went for the half zip one….and boy!!!! I am glad I bought it…coz me n my skirt are inseparable now…..My shoes are from of my first buys here in Japan!!!!!!Actually I was looking for something with just 1 inch heel(trust me you have to walk a lot in Japan!!!)…..These shoes are little granny like but the most comfortable thing on this planet…my bag is from Mango which I got last year in Dubai…and lastly coming on to my jewellary….or just leave it…I will do it some other time…coz this post is already turning out to be soooo loooong!!!!!

My First Outfit Post!!!!!!

       Zara dress(on sale 1490 Yen or approx 17 $), Aldo high heel shoes which hardly see light of the day for 3750 Indian Rupees or approx 84 $)

Yippee!!!!!!My first ever outfit post!!!!!!Actually I wanted to do it since a long time but was waiting for a good camera!!!A girl needs to look pretty in the snaps!!!Isn’t she???Plus, the first rule of blogging is that your snaps should be of very good quality!!!!Mine aren’t but I am learning……So finally my wait was over and after doing a thorough research on all the latest cameras for the last 1 month my hubby gifted me Sony Alpha Nex -5 as my Belated Birthday gift!!!And it took 1 month bcoz no camera was fitting my specifications……small, handy, pretty, should be able to fit in my hand bag(it it also fits in my clutch bag..nuthing like dat!!!!), good quality pictures, lens should come out, not just digital camera…a hybrid between digi-cam and DSLR etc…etc…Am I asking for too much????

Boots Expert Conditioning Nail Polish Remover

Boots Expert Conditioning Nail Polish Remover

Honestly speaking this is the best nail polish remover I have ever come across in last 26 years of my life (you see my mom told me that I was 2 when I first cried to get my nails painted!!!!!).I had been using Lakme, the most common and affordable Indian make-up brand and later Revlon and Maybelline.But last year when I was in Dubai….I came across Boots Pharmacy (which is very common there) and since then I have fallen madly in love with Boots Expert Conditioning Nail Polish Remover!!!!!!

I paid 12 Dirhams or 3.2$ for a 150 ml bottle which I think is very reasonable as 8 months have passed and I am still using it!!!And believe me I will almost die if my nails are not painted!!!!!!!And when I say I change the colour of my nails very often I mean it!!!!Which means I use nail polish remover very frequently.

Now coming back to the product….the bottle is simple and see through and the remover has a pretty pinkish orangish colour (I am a sucker for pretty colours).The bottle says that it will not leave nails dry and brittle as it has apricot kernel oil and pro-vitamin B5 will keep the nails in tip-top condition.And I can assure you it delivers what it has promised!!!!!!

The previous removers I have used always used to smell of acetone and used to burn my eyes to death(sorry about the exaggeration) but not this product…it smells of apricots and is so mild and gentle….It has made my life so much better (Now don’t get ideas that I am mad because a nail polish remover can make or ruin my life…I just got carried away!!!!!!).It removes the darkest and toughest of nail colours and leaves my hands smooth and smelling nice!!!!!!!!

I would definitely buy this product again…… now all I need is to lay my hands on it in Japan….which does not seem possible!!!!!!!!

Loving my Flats!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Beckham in Lanvin Flats(image via

OMG!!!!Vic B in flats!!!!!!She is solely responsible for making a way for high heels in my wardrobe……even though I felt like killing myself after walking in them for more than 10 minutes!!!!!!

Now coming back to Posh Spice…the diva  has been ordered to wear flat shoes after a slip disc problem and the birth of her daughter…Harper Seven (now what kind of name is dat!!!!!Well we will discuss that later….) via a caesarean operation.

I hope Mrs. Beckham has a speedy recovery and just to give her company I am off to clean the dust from my flats too!!!Welcome back ballerinas!!!

Celeb LOVE!!!!

This is one of the coolest pictures I have recently come across……thought even you people will like it (only if you have not seen it before!!!!)…..J Lo with her twins in the latest Gucci ad Campaign!!!!!!!One Hot Yummy Mummy she is!!!!!