Are you tired of wasting time? Are you distracted, procrastinating and always unable to do things on time? If so, then it’s time for you to get productive! Everybody is looking for ways to be more efficient on the job and in daily life. It is getting even more difficult to concentrate and accomplish your work in today’s world because of so many distractions and options including the constant need for social media feeds. All this keeps you away from experiencing the euphoric feeling of achievement, that comes with a good productive day!

So, here are five productivity hacks that I follow and you can follow too, to get most out of your day:

Tidy as you go
When I am at home and need to go from one room to another, I always try to look around and see what I can take with me to the room I’m going to. For example, if I’m leaving the living room to go to kitchen, I will take with me empty coffee mug to put away. It is not so difficult to do and will help to keep your house tidier and arranged, only if you remember!

Prioritize the hardest tasks first
This is the most difficult thing for me to do personally. If you’re like me, you’ll put the difficult tasks in the bottom of your list often and they just won’t get completed! So what I have started doing it to put the jobs I don’t want to do or the ones that will take the most time to the top of my list. So as the day goes on and my productivity starts decreasing, I’m getting to the tasks I like to do.

The 2-minute rule
This is probably one of the easiest and simplest hacks to increase your productivity, I believe. If you have something to do and if  you can do it in two minutes, just do it right away. A quick phone call, cleaning a pot from last night, or just removing dry clothes from balcony! Don’t plan it for later if it is a small task to do. It’s the simplest and easiest time management advice you can ever get!

Write and Prioritize
I like to write things. Personally I love to use pretty notebooks and planners but you can use Google docs, an app on your phone, or whatever you want to keep track of everything. Because, how are you going to get things done if you don’t even know what you’re supposed to be doing? Writing things down also means that you can check them off once they’re done. You can pick five things from your to-do list that you want to focus on. And then focus on those five things first. If you finish those five things, go back to the list and pick something else to work on or give yourself a break

Utilize your commute
It’s easy to think of commuting as a total waste of time. When you’re standing on the platform or waiting at a traffic light, every minute that ticks by can seem like a minute lost (if you are like me!). But there’s good news if you wish to spend that time with more productivity. There are many creative apps out there that help you make use of that time — whether it’s a 30-minute drive or a 60-minute tain ride. The options are endless – you can create your to-do list for the day, clear your inbox, learn a language or listen to a podcast or audio book. Personally, I spend that time to leave likes and comments on Instagram. You can’t escape social media if you are a blogger!

I guess that’s enough for a day! But leave me a comment if you try any of these hacks! Trust me, I won’t judge you for spending your time reading this post on social media!

5 Productivity Hacks To Get Most Out of Your Day


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