Here are a few pictures of the outfit I wore to afternoon tea buffet/high tea buffet at The St.Regis Hotel Osaka (セント レジス ホテル 大阪) in Honmachi 本町駅 , Osaka 大阪 . The St.Regis hotel is just across from my work place and I drop in there often for a quick coffee and a cake (Surprisingly it’s cheaper than Starbucks and most of the tables are empty during the day). Their afternoon tea buffet is held in the French restaurant Rue D’Or ( ブランジェリー ル ドール ) between 3 – 5 pm and it costs $ 28 including taxes. I went there a few weeks back to celebrate a friend’s birthday.There were not many people and it was set on the 2nd floor of the restaurant. Restaurant has a gorgeous chandelier (you will notice that in one of my pictures!!) which serves as their focal point. There is a wide variety of cakes and desserts including a crepe station. All the desserts were good but I thought their tarts were amazing. They have a few savoury items like bacon pasta and tuna sandwiches too. Tea and coffee is included in the buffet but not juices. And if you come early they will serve sweet corn soup at your table too. It is pretty good but I any day prefer the afternoon tea at Tavola ランチ 36@ Swissotel ( スイスホテル南海大阪 ). They have way more items than The St.Regis and the atmosphere is livelier. A good view from 36th floor doesn’t hurt either!!

Check out my outfit pictures followed by the pictures of the buffet.



T-shirt – H&M , 6$, 2013;
Skirt – H&M , 26$, 2011;
Shoes – Zara , 30$ on Sale;
Clutch – Azul by Moussy , 40$, 2013;
Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs マーク ジェイコブス , 130$, 2013;
Watch – Marc Jacobs マーク ジェイコブス , gift from hubby, 2013;
Gold Bracelet – H&M , 8$, 2013;
White Bracelet – Forever 21, 5$, 2013;

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