Well the story goes like this..a small cosmetics shop in Shinsaibashi was having a clearance sale as it was going to shut down soon. And this body lotion was for just $ 1.5. Naturally, I wanted to stock up as no-where in Japan will I find a 230 ml product this cheap!! So when I took 2 bottles to the counter they said that I could buy just one as they had a cap on it (Like the last time I went to the cash counter at Matsumoto Kiyoshi balancing 6 Calbee jagarico (potato chips) and the shopkeeper said that I could buy just 2). In Japan they even have a cap on chips!!
Now coming on to this product..Baviphat is a one of the wide selling Korean skin care and make-up brands. Slowly it is getting popular in Japan. Baviphat Peach Body Lotion has peach extracts to improve skin tone. It protects the skin and leaves it moist and supple.
It comes in a really thick and good quality pink plastic bottle which is very girly and cute. It also has a dispenser to control the amount of product. It has a picture of corset on it. It looks so adorable on my bathroom counter. I will never throw away this bottle..maybe just re-fill it with another body lotion.
This body lotion is light pink in colour. It is very thick and creamy in texture. Although it is thick it spreads and gets absorbed easily by the skin. It is non sticky and moisturises very well. My skin remains soft and smooth for a long time after using this.
It smells very sweet of peaches. The scent lingers on for a long time. I will definitely purchase it again if I find it again. Have you tried any peachy body lotion lately??

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