Chidorigafuchi Park is the area around a moat of the Imperial Palace known for its beautiful weeping Japanese cherry blossoms. Chidorigafuchi Moat is one of a total of twelve moats that surround the Imperial Palace. There is no real park there, however, there is a cemetery, a walking path, a boat rental house and a moat. Chidorigafuchi Path is a narrow sidewalk alongside the moat of the Imperial Palace that runs from a short distance from the cemetery to the boat rentals. It is lined with beautiful sakura trees and is one of the best places to visit during the hanami season. The sakura along Chidorigafuchi Moat are amongst the most famous in Japan. They are abundant and towering. The 700 m-long pedestrian path is covered with cherry blossoms of about 260 cherry trees of different species, such as Somei-Yoshino and Oshima-Zakura. Late in the cherry blossom season the surface of the moat becomes completely covered with cherry blossom petals and that is a beautiful sight. I had seen the much  photographed cherry blossom petals covered moat on the internet when I was living in Osaka, and my first impression of sakura in full bloom at the Chidorigafuchi Park has been beautiful, can’t wait to g0 back to see the petal covered moat at the end of cherry blossom season!

The main attraction at Chidorigafuchi Park is the boat rental which seems fun. I mean what is there to not like when you drift under a stunning cherry blossom tree on a boat! Looking up at the cherry blossoms from the water surface, the reflection of sakura in the water and a walking path through a striking tunnel of cherry blossoms mesmerizing – a magical atmosphere, straight out of a fairy tale. Truly, Chidorigafuchi is the best place to experience the magnificence of Japanese cherry blossom in Tokyo! But in order to have that lovely experience, be ready to have some extra time on hand as there are huge crowds and long queues waiting to sail down the moat!

AccessChidorigafuchi Moat is a short walk from a number of stations in the area with Kudanshita – Exit 2 being the closest.



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