I don’t know why but I am not much into blackhead removal strips, but I still bought Kao Biore Nose Pore Clear Pack Black after coming across them in each and every drugstore in Tokyo.ビオレ Biore claims “The black nose pack makes it easier for you to see cloggers. It removes oil and dirt build-up from all your problem areas. In just one use, these pore strips are twice as effective as the leading pore cleanser at getting rid of pore-clogging build-up and blackheads.” This blackhead removal strip is formulated with a patented system to literally pull out dirt, oil and blackheads instantly. It is custom fit to get dirt and oil in those hard to reach areas. It helps reduce the appearance of pores with regular use.

Packaging – I bought a pack of ten pore strips. They are packed really well in individual packs. They are black in color which helps to see how well your pore strip has worked! I thought not to attach the pictures of used strips are they are kind of gross looking. They leave a little bit of stickiness on the skin after peeling off. It hurts a bit, but so does any other nose strip! They smell a little bit like glue when you put them on.

Price – 600 Yen for a pack of 10

How to use – I applied a little too much water on the sides which made the strip not stick on well, the first time I used. Over a few uses, I have discovered that if you use these pores after a shower or just slightly wet your nose with a hot towel, it is much easier to get blackheads out as they have softened a little. Also if you apply a toner after using them, it will clean your pores a little better and disinfect the area. Also, it gives best results if you use 2 strips, first strip to get most of your black heads out, then the second strip to really stick to the nose and get the hard to reach ones out.

Result – After removing the strip my nose feels clean and polished. I manage to pick out some blackheads, whiteheads, and some hair.

Precautions – You should avoid using these pores on sunburned, swollen, acne , rough, dry or eczema skin. You should also avoid these pore packs if you have sensitive skin or spider veins around the nose area.

Conclusion – If you have very clean pores or small black heads, these strips might not work very well. Some blackheads or whiteheads might not stick to the strips very well or some have a shape that makes them difficult to pull out. But this product is not very pricey so I recommend trying it once!

Personally, I think such pore packs or nose strips are a great short-term fix. However, they do not provide long-term benefits. And even though companies claim that the pores on the skin will become less noticeable over time, I don’t really think so! Clear skin takes time; there is no easy way out!

Best Japanese Remedy For Blackheads: Kao ビオレ Biore Nose Pore Clear Pack Black Review


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