I recently bought the perfume BANG by Marc Jacobs for my husband from the famous Takashimaya in Namba, Osaka……and God!! I am in love with it!!!Though it did not smell that great when I tried it in store but when you actually wear it on the body it smells divine!!But the review of BANG I leave it on my husband!!

But as I spent 7350Yen or approx 96$ on a 50 ml bottle I got 3 testers of Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste, Bvlgari Eau de Parfum II and D&G Light Blue…..:)So I better review them…..and let me tell you that I am no expert so you may find my review juvenile…..but I have to start somewhere:)


It has green sap, pink grapefruit, iris rose, heliotrope and solar woods.It has a floral citrusy smell.I consider it as more of a day time perfume.But sadly it smells great for the first few hours but does not stay long…..atleast not on me!!!


It includes violet, star anise, licorice, mandarin, iris absolute, patchoulli, vetiver, benzoin, ambergrass, cistus flower and musk.I found the smell floral but little on the masculine side……but surprisingly it stayed long on me…and even my friends noticed the smell!!So job well done!!


The third fragrance by D&G  Light Blue is the best in the lot!!It has a clean and fresh though sensual scent and it stayed on me for hours!!!It possesses a blend of rose, apple, mist and jasmine.I will definitely buy it again!!