I finally gave in to this huge trend of gradation cheek blushes. They are everywhere..department stores, drug stores..looks like every cosmetics company is really into it these days!!And why not..it’s an awesome idea. No need to apply a blush and then a highlighter and a darker shade to contour. One quick swatch of gradation cheek colour takes care of everything!!

Canmake Tokyo  cheek gradation


So I bought Canmake Cheek Gradation in no.06 called Candy Stripes. It has 4 bands of same colour scheme and together they make a gradient from darker and more pigmented bars for colouring to lighter and more sheer bars for highlighting.It has very tiny glitters. It has a bright orange, a hot pink, a princess pink and a white shimmery highlighter. All the colors can be used separately to build dimension or just mixed for adding variety. I sometimes use more of orange-pink or sometimes a more strawberry pink depending on my outfit.


It comes in a simple plastic case without mirror but it has a flat synthetic brush which does a fair job of applying this product.


Although Canmake is a cheap drug store brand this is a pretty good product, lasts on me for a good 4-5 hours. I also love that I can mix it to match my outfit. And sometimes I use the highlighter as silver eye shadow too. Also it is reasonably priced at $ 8.Definitely will re-purchase but maybe in some other palette.