I love to collect lip balms. I had to buy Coca Cola Lip Smacker when I saw it in Hong Kong. It was not very expensive, Hong Kong $ 16 to be exact, however it retails at just $ 2.5 on Lip Smackers website.
It is really fun to use. It smells like Coke, but not very overpowering. The scent disappears in a few minutes.
It makes my lips soft and moist. It has a nice texture. It is moisturizing but not sticky. It is not tinted so provides just some shine. It applies smoothly and that is why I often use it under matte lipsticks like this.
I love the packaging. It is so cute and adorable. I don’t have it in original tube packaging, but I like my better. It is like a glass Coke bottle’s screw cap, with the Coke logo on it. So fun! This packaging is very travel friendly. I need to use my fingers to apply, which might not be very hygienic. But it is not sticky, so I don’t mind digging my fingers in.
It makes my lips nice and smooth when I use it continuously for a few days. If you have super dry lips or stay in harsh winter conditions, this might not work for you. However, I don’t use it much as I don’t want it to get over. It is a fun thing to have it in your bag. Definitely a conversation starter!!

コカ コーラ Coca Cola Lip Smacker Review