I work 5 days a week, 9-6 and sometimes more. I read somewhere that a woman who works five days a week has to come up with approximately 251 work outfits a year!!!
That is why what to wear to work is also a job for me!
Most of the time I am in my work outfits. Yes I do wear casual clothes, but, that is mostly just one day on the weekend. Therefore, while shopping I usually gravitate towards pieces that I can pair with formal wear and also with something casual such as jeans on the weekends. Speaking of that, I thought it would be a good idea to share more of my work outfits with you guys. I work as a Corporate Business Trainer, in short I teach soft skills. So dressing good and sophisticated is very important for me in order to make a good first impression in front of potential clients. When I have a meeting or when I am conducting a workshop, I generally wear a suit. However, on days I have no trainings to conduct or no meetings to attend, I wear business casual such as a skirt and shirt or maybe a nice dress. I love this dress I recently got from Zara. I love that it has a collar which makes it look a bit formal, however it is young and modern at the same time. This dress is a no brainer when I am running late or in a fix!
I am trying to find more dresses like these, because honestly sometimes it is pain in neck to create work outfits! And most of the times I just gravitate towards my boring black pants and a white blouse. Talk about work wear fatigue!

what to wear to work


cute dress


shift dresses for work


Dress – Zara, $ 60, 2015;
Shoes – Zara, $ 60, 2015, also worn here;
Sunglasses – Forever 21, $ 10, 2015;
Bag – Givenchy, gift, 2014, also worn here;
Watch – Tag Heuer, gift, 2009;

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  1. chaicyy

    I love simple and hassle free outfits for work. This one is perfect with a pop of colour in blue


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