Etude House Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Tissue was an impulse buy during my Taiwan trip. But there is nothing to complain about it. This is an excellent product which removes make up well. The wipes are really moist and moisturize the face as well as clean it. They remove foundation, lipstick, eye-liner and even mascara!! Etude House エチュードハウス  has another similar product to remove lip and eye make-up but I don’t think that you need that separately as this product removes all make-up perfectly.

It smells very strong (but fresh) of green tea. The tissues are really soft and thick. It comes in a cute green packaging with a re-sealable top to take out the tissues. I actually prefer this packaging than the plastic cap one, as the moisture evaporates easily from the tissues if you don’t close the plastic cap tightly!!

It didn’t give me any break-outs. It doesn’t sting the face, in-fact it gives a cooling sensation to the face. My face feels really refreshed after using it.

It is an ideal product for travelling. For 3$ for 15 sheets I don’t think it’s a bad deal!!

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