Etude House Flower Treatment Nail Remover is without any doubt the best nail polish remover made ever!! It says it “removes nails” which is quite scary but all forgiven!! Packaging is also very fancy for a nail polish remover.
I saw this at Etude House in Shinsaibashi in a gift set with a small box of their collagen cream. So greedy me bought it thinking that I will get remover + cream in 4 $. Little did I know that the box had only cotton pads inside. It was an advertisement for their collagen cream (I felt cheated then and wished I could speak Japanese so that I could have asked the sales girl ). But that’s ok now as I have discovered a great new product.



So now coming back to the product..It smells amazing of flowers. The smell lingers on for a good number of hours. It moisturises the nails with its special milky formula. It doesn’t make the nails dry or leave white residue on the nails. My nails have dramatically improved after I started using this. The best part is that it is acetone free.
It removes red nail paints easily which my earlier remover failed to do. Removing stubborn glitter nail paints is also comparatively easier than other removers.
It comes in a cute glass bottle white white flowers and purple cap. I have never seen a nail polish remover in such a cute packaging before. It comes with a twist cap which is to be pushed and turned which can be tricky at first but once you get a knack of me its cool!!
It is definitely a very high quality product. Go for it if you want to treat your nails a bit!! Your nails will thank you for this:))

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  1. June

    Thank you for the review, it definitely sounds like a quality product!~ ^^ Never tried nail products like this before, so hehe. :3

  2. Gilbert Hayes

    Most nail polish removers contain acetone, a harsh chemical. Acetone can dry out nails and make them brittle. Alternative methods can be used to safely remove nail polish without harming your nails.


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