Etude House claims “This serum type moist cleansing oil, containing moist meadow foam seed oil, shea butter extract and rice bran oil, effectively removes thick makeup and pore impurities with a moist and fresh finish. Gel serum oil removes thick makeup, sebum and impurities thoroughly. Wash off ingredients that melt on water, cleans makeup with refreshment. Meadow foam seed oil and shea butter provide moisture and protect skin after face wash.”

エチュード ハウス リアル アート クレンジング オイル パーフェクト Etude House Real Art Perfect Cleansing Oil aims to provide strong and perfect cleansing. The main ingredients are meadow foam seed oil, shea butter and rice bran oil. There is a wash off ingredient that is activated with water as water friendly product. This is also dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, with no parabens or mineral oil.

It comes a plastic yellow container with a shocked Mona Lisa artwork. She has no eyebrows – wonder why? It comes with an original lid to bring with you when you are travelling. It also comes with a plastic lock and a pump. One pump is enough to cover the entire face.This cleansing oil comes in three variants – Perfect, Mild and Moisture. I got the ‘Perfect’ one! It retails for $12 for a 185 ml container. It has a very pleasant and high-end floral scent.

You need to take appropriate amount onto dry hands and gently smooth over face. Rub it and then wash it off with water. You don’t even need cotton. It removes all makeup even waterproof mascara in seconds. I wash my face with a face wash after removing my makeup. It just melts off like a dream when in contact with water. You can avoid that step but I don’t feel comfortable without using some kind of soap and water. My face feels moist and soft after washing. I don’t even need to apply moisturizer after using this as it doesn’t dry my skin. I also use it in the morning to remove grime and oil from night and moisturize my face for the day.

In spite of being oil, this product doesn’t make my face oilier. Apparently oil can dissolve oil and as skin naturally has oils, cleansing oil actually lifts up those dirty oils inside our skin along with makeup dirt and excess sebum impurities that clogs our pores.

Oil cleansing method is very popular in Asian countries. I have used other Etude House makeup removing oils in the past and completely love them. They last long and are a complete value for money. I really recommend trying oils for cleansing. They will change your life!

Etude House Real Art Perfect Cleansing Oil