One of my favourite brands Forever 21 opened here in Osaka in March, and you cannot imagine the quantity of my happiness. Last time that I had entered the doors of a Forever 21 was in Tokyo in 2011 (quite a long time isn’t it??). So I went to the brand new store on the opening day but the huge crowd drove me away. It’s strange that in Japan anything or everything new attracts so much crowd. Japanese people seem to enjoy waiting in line. It’s common to see a ramen restaurant with a line of 30 people while the ramen shop next door is empty.Well I went again 4 days was crowded alright but nothing could scare a hard core Forever 21 lover like me!! Sadly I didn’t like much in there. Though in a way its good for my pocket!! can watch everything I got in my video..

And now an outfit with the stuff I picked up..

T-shirt – Forever 21, $ 10, 2013;
Skirt – Forever 21, $ 15, 2013;
Shoes – Random Shop, $ 18, 2013;
Bag – DKNY, gift, 2013;
Sunglasses – Zara, $ 45, 2012;
Necklace – Forever 21, $ 12, 2013;
Watch – Tag Heuer, gift from parents, 2009;

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