I have really gotten into having longer lashes. I tried using falsies but I suck at applying them. I then tried eye lash extension but that is something I don’t want to do every month unless there is a big event coming up. So the last option is to actually have longer lashes for real! And that is how I came across this gem, Avance Lash Serum Up Mascara Type.

Avancé Lash Serum has been the best selling serum in Japan for the past 10 years. In 1996, Avancé was established with a focus on the research & development of eye care and eye makeup in Japan. Avancé’s first products, the lash serum and brow serum were hence introduced into the market. Avancé’s products are safe even for sensitive skin and several improvements were made to the texture of the eyelash serum and the range was expanded to target different purposes. In 2000, Avancé created the Lash Serum EX and has been the top seller for lash serums in Japan since then. Avance products have been around forever and have received countless raving reviews in magazines and online.

The Avancé Lash Serum Up is an eyelash serum that accelerates the eyelashes to grow while strengthening them and prevent them from falling. It is a medicated lash growth serum that encourages new hair growth, nurtures existing hair, and combats hair loss. Its active ingredients (pantothenic acid derivative and photosensitive pigment) encourage circulation at the roots and guard against hair loss. Carrot extract and chitin liquid moisturizers enhance the effects of the active ingredients and moisturize lash tips.

As eyelashes go through stress and damage through the frequent use of mascara and fake eyelashes, an eyelash serum is necessary to protect your own natural lashes while encouraging regrowth for the ones that have fallen off. Packaged with a handy mascara-type brush, the Lash Serum Up can be easily and evenly applied. It is Made in Japan and is fragrance free, has no artificial colorings and is oil free.

It comes in a rich blue glass bottle with a silver plastic cap. For $12, you get a magic potion to feed your poor lashes. Even though it seems 7ml is very little product, I have been using it nearly every day and I still have it left. I diligently apply the eyelash serum on my lashes like a transparent mascara in the morning whle applying makeup and at night before sleeping. The Avance Lash Serum Up has a mascara brush for easy application and also claims to curl and separate your eyelashes naturally. While it curls the lashes, it also nourishes and repairs them from damage caused by external factors. Lashes will be properly moisturised and given a natural, healthy, and extra curl. The serum absorbs into the lashes quickly without leaving a film or a hard coat, so it’s optimal as a primer before mascara to protect your lashes as well. The serum absorbs into the lashes quickly without leaving a film or a hard coat (like mascaras usually do) so it’s optimal as a primer before mascara to protect your lashes as well. I have in the mascara type so it is almost like a mascara. But I often follow it with mascara as I like more volume. You can take it off easily by warm water.

I’ve been using this product for almost 2 months and I can tell that it made my lashes appear thicker and healthier. The gaps between the lashes are filled and I do feel that my lashes seem a little bit longer and curl up a bit than usual. The only down side is that lashes do not appear as full if I don’t maintain it. Also, everyone’s lashes does have a growth limit and I think I already reached mine in a month. I can say that because although my lashes appear fuller, they have stopped growing.

I am in no mood to discontinue using this product any time soon! I am ready to go any lengths for longer and fuller real lashes!

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