I absolutely love Gucci Rush(review here) bit since it has been discontinued and not easily available I bought Gucci Rush 2.Well I’m not disappointed as I really like it though the original Gucci rush will always be my favourite.

The opening note of Gucci Rush 2 is a blend of narcissus and freesia, the mid notes are of rose, palm wood, gardenia and lily and the final notes are of black currant and oak moss enveloped in musk.



I bought it on sale for 20$ for a 30 ml bottle.It comes in a pink cassette type rectangular hard plastic bottle.It is a chic and on trend bright fuchsia pink translucent bottle which actually lets you see the amount of product left.

It is a light and casual everyday perfume.It has a fresh and feminine scent.It makes me feel modern and classy at the same time.It is more flowery and lighter than the original Gucci Rush.Thought it is sweet yet it is not mature or grannyish.

The only down side is that it does not last long.On my skin maybe it stays only for an hour or two.But surprisingly it lasts longer if I spray it on my clothes and sometimes my clothes smell nice days after I used this perfume.

I will surely re-purchase it even if I need to use a lot of product in order to make the scent last longer.Definitely a classic.