Gucci Rush has very correctly been described as a trip, a thrill, wickedly cool and temptingly addictive..Rush was released in 1999 and created under Tom Ford when he was in charge of Gucci.It can be best said as a ‘hate’ or ‘love’ perfume.People just love to hate it!!Some have described it as cheap, plastic and hair spray kind of scent…but for me it smells divine of vanilla and jasmine!!I just Love it!!It is my signature scent!!


I bought it almost 5 years back as two of my best friends were using it and I just loved it on them.I use it on special occasions now and that to very sparingly as it’s a limited edition perfume and I cannot find it any where these days:(It would break my heart if it gets over!!I bought a 50 ml bottle for about 80$ from Shoppers Stop, Juhu, Mumbai way back in 2007.

The top notes are of California gardenia, South African Freesia and California seeds.The middle notes or the heart of the scent comprises of Madras Jasmine and Damascena rose.The dry down or the base notes have Vanilla, Java patchouli and Bourbon Vetiver.The scent is so unique, floral yet a lot bolder and muskier.The scent is kind of addictive…once you use it you wanna go back to it again…

The staying power is quite strong and long lasting.I feel so elegant and luxurious when I wear it.It is a scent which is unique and is bound to get compliments.But it is more of a night-time scent..apt for clubbing or cozy candle light dinner!!

Gucci Rush comes in a plastic red bottle-shaped like a video cassette tape, very different from any perfume.Though some may find plastic less elegant for a perfume bottle, I find it better as it easier to carry around.It is less heavy than a glass bottle and there are even less chances of breakage.


Though Gucci has come out with Rush 2, I find it nowhere near the original.I am always on a look out for Rush 1 and if any one of you guys find it somewhere do let me know!!

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