Just a quick post to show about my latest beauty haul during my recent trip to India…I decided to stock up on my favorite Indian as well as international beauty products which are either not available or over priced here in Japan

Finally my staple MAC foundation…those who are following my blog will know how much I am in love with this product!! 

MAC Concealer…a must!!

I have been using this Revlon Compact Powder since ages now!!!

Lipstick from Clinique…. 

Maybelline kajal pencil for just Rs.150(3$)….something like this will cost at least 12oo Yen(15$) in Japan!!!

Chap stick from Maybelline for just Rs.99(2$)…I am done with expensive brands for now!!!

Everyuth Golden Glow Peel Off…cheap but shows instant results….take my words on that!!

Deodorants….because Japanese brands just don’t work on me..(why??will cover it in another post!!)


P.S.I will soon be posting part 2 of my Indian beauty haul!!

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  1. Jelena

    Great purchases, I especially love your MAC products!!


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