I have tried a lot of make up in the past, Japanese beauty products too, but honestly I had never tried an eyebrow pencil. Until I bought Kanebo Media Eyebrow Pencil home thinking it to be an eyeliner. You can blame my poor Japanese skills or my poor eye sight..but I couldn’t see eyebrow pencil written on it!! But nonetheless I am hooked on to grooming my eyebrows since then. So much that if you ask me two things that I will do before leaving the house if I am dead for time, first will be apply concealer and second will be fill my brows. A good eyebrow makes so much of a difference!! At least to me!!

カネボウ メディア Kanebo Media Eyebrow Pencil is a nice pencil with twist up applicator. It is very creamy still doesn’t break. As it has a fine tip it is easy to use and doesn’t go out of the eyebrows. It stays all day on me and fills any sparse or un even areas perfectly.

The shade I have is called black ( BK ) but it is not very dark black, more like a greyish black. I like my eyeliner really dark, but for eyebrows I prefer little greyish black otherwise it makes my face look too harsh!!

It is a good buy as a little product goes a long way. And for a decent price of $6 it is not bad. And my last words of wisdom; it is better to choose a brow colour that is a shade lighter than your hair colour!!

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