Jacket-Zara, 13990 Yen(184$), 2011;

Jeans-Topshop, 85 Dirhams(23$)on sale, 2010;

Shoes-Nike, 6000 Rupees(121$), 2008;

Bag-H&M, 2490 Yen(33$), 2011;

T-shirt- Westside, 999 Rupees(20$), 2008

Total Outfit Cost-381$

It is all about layering they say…so I added one sweater after another under a moderately warm coat, but was still dreading going out in the cold!!Finally I had to give in and purchase this quilted down jacket from Zara. Mind it on full price!!It’s another story that winter sale started just after 4 days of my big splurge:( So what did I learn?You need the thickest jacket you can find, if it is almost freezing outside (even if it’s on full price!!)

P.S.It started snowing when I was clicking these pictures.That’s why I look excited!!I had never seen actual snow before(apart from movies and on net!!).

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  1. Mrs.A

    Looking great. 🙂

    I have a similar kacjet and I look like a horrid marshmallow when I wear it. It’s unfair. 🙁

  2. Jelena

    This is excellent look for any chilly and casual day!:)



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