L’oreal Paris ロレアル パリ Color Riche L’Extraordinaire Mat Lip Color is made with an extraordinary blend of precious matte oils that lend a sublime velvet lip quality in multi-dimensional rich vivid color that’s never flat. Lips stay hydrated, soft, and supple all-day. It has a lightweight texture and rich matte finish with a long-lasting effect. Rich, pigmented color coats your lips evenly and dries to a sophisticated matte; formulated with 4 precious oils that prime your lips and prevent drying or peeling. This lipstick can be precision-applied with the wand or diffused into a gorgeous stain with your fingertip. It is perfect for soft and smooth lips drenched in crack-proof color. This is what L’oreal Paris claims about the Color Riche L’Extraordinaire Mat Lip Color range. And to be honest, this is kind of true. I have fallen in love with this range from L’oreal Paris ロレアル パリ and I hope that it is never discontinued.

Shades: This range has a total of 11 shades and I have tried two shades so far. 112 Guillmet Fuchsia is a deep fuchsia that isn’t too bright or neon and has cool undertones. It is a really good color to wear to office and that is why I have already purchased it three times! 105 Pigalle Scarlet is a pigmented cherry red – very classic and beautiful.

Packaging: This lip color comes is sleek rose gold tube with a transparent color coded panel at the center to make it easy to see the shade. The packaging is nice and sturdy. The fluffy ‘diamond-shape’ sponge applicator easily layers the product and applies evenly.

Pigmentation: The color payoff is outstanding. These matte lip colors are highly pigmented and a single swipe gives an opaque color on the lip. However, I generally apply 2 coats, because, I can’t get enough of this lipstick!

Texture: The texture is really smooth and soft – a bit ‘mousse-like’. It gives that matte feel once it sets completely. It is also extremely light-weight. It acts more like a liquid lipstick but isn’t as sticky as a gloss. It feels very light on lips and keeps lips moist the entire wear time.

Staying power: The darker the shade, the more long-lasting on lips. It stays on for about 3-4 hours without eating or drinking. It fades from the corners evenly. However, it doesn’t leave any flakes, just moisturized faintly stained lips.

This lipstick from L’oreal Paris ロレアル パリis highly moisturizing, does not settle in lines and is very comfortable to wear. It applies as a moist fluid lipstick, but after a few minutes, the shine disappears completely and the color looks more like a true matte. Even if they appear matte on lips, they don’t feel dry, as most mattes do. There is no cracking or flaking and at the same time, they don’t feel balmy. L’Extraordinaire Matte is so lightweight and comfortable that sometimes I don’t feel like I have any lipstick on!

Overall, I believe that L’oreal Paris Color Riche L’Extraordinaire Mat is the best matte liquid lipstick I’ve tried – excellent for those who have very dry lips and want a good lipstick at affordable drug store prices! The only downside I’ve experienced is that this lipstick transfers. Even after it has set to a matte finish, it still transfers heavily. But, I don’t think that will keep me from getting these lippies again!

L'oreal Paris Color Riche L’Extraordinaire Mat Lip Color Review


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