Victoria Beckham in Lanvin Flats(image via

OMG!!!!Vic B in flats!!!!!!She is solely responsible for making a way for high heels in my wardrobe……even though I felt like killing myself after walking in them for more than 10 minutes!!!!!!

Now coming back to Posh Spice…the diva  has been ordered to wear flat shoes after a slip disc problem and the birth of her daughter…Harper Seven (now what kind of name is dat!!!!!Well we will discuss that later….) via a caesarean operation.

I hope Mrs. Beckham has a speedy recovery and just to give her company I am off to clean the dust from my flats too!!!Welcome back ballerinas!!!

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  1. Shaz

    Thanks for crediting the photo from my blog. I absolutely love Victoria in flats, she looks perfect in anything. 🙂


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