A tinted lip balm with red apples, cinnamon and white chocolate!! I had never tried any lip tint from Lush ラッシュジャパン before and I am hooked now, after a friend gifted this to me. Lush It Started With a Kiss is all natural and handmade like all Lush products. It has a lot of good and nourishing ingredients such as extra virgin coconut oil, shea butter, fresh red apples, organic rose hip oil and glycerin. There are others too but I think these ones are the best. It has a spicy applish, cinnamon taste. And the best fragrance for a lip balm ever! It smells like Christmas with apples, cinnamon and cocoa!

It is a lip tint not a lip balm therefore drier and harder in texture. It is not super emollient which gives it longetivity and makes it non sticky. I feel that it does moisturize my lips, however, if you have very dried lips this might not help you on its own, so apply a moisturizing lip balm first. It glides on exfoliated lips. It doesn’t enhance any lines, just gives a fine plumped look to the lips. It gives tingles to my lips a little on application which fades in a couple of seconds.

It has a coralish, pinkish hue with warm red under tones. It gives amazing coverage. The color is a sheer red, which can be built up to an opaque red. I think this shade of red will flatter everyone. It can be applied on cheeks too. Bright flush of red color on cheeks looks natural and healthy.

The product eventually fades out in an hour or two leaving a nice stain behind. It fairly remains on lips after eating or drinking. It transfers easily on clothes, therefore need to be careful when wearing light colored clothes.
It comes in a small tin of 10 gm. I think it is the ideal size to carry in your makeup bag. Only downside is that I have to use my fingers to apply, but I really don’t mind it. I will definitely get it again! I love everything that reminds me of festive season!

Lush It Started With a Kiss


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