I absolutely love this eye liner from MAC.I bought it last year for 1000 Indian Rupees(20$) for a pot of 3 gms in black track.It comes in a glass pot which is very cute.The pot is so strong that inspite of falling from my hands many number of times it hasn’t broken!!It has a thick and creamy texture and a very intense black color.I use it on my top lids and on my waterline too.It stays on like a dream and does not smudge at all!!A little amount goes a long way!!But you need to close the jar even when you are applying the eye liner to prevent it from drying.The only down side is that you need a little practice to apply it with a brush.But that is the price you pay for beauty my friend!!

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  1. Priscilla Camelia

    I love this too!!! never forget 2use this especially for party, dinner or hang out! awesome !

  2. Karishma

    I wish I had the ability to draw a straight line on my eye like all the beautiful girls I see! It looks so good! I’m only able to use MAC’s Technakohl eyeliners on the inner rim of the eye.


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