There is no point spending time on doing makeup, if doesn’t stay on specially when you need it the most.Recently I noticed that whenever I was out for 5-6 hours my foundation was disappearing from places which made my marks and eruptions visible.That’s when I decided to get this Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer.


The packaging is quite high-end.It is a sturdy thick glass bottle with a pump.Thought it is not good for travel purpose as the cap keeps on coming off.It can be worn alone or under the foundation.It has a nice smell.


P.S.It has silicone in it so there are chances of break outs(my skin didn’t break out though:)

It is a light pink silky mousse.It is not greasy but gives a matte finish.It gets absorbed easily and dries down to a satin, transparent finish.The pores definitely get less visible.It blurs out any marks or imperfections.The skin feels and looks smooth.The foundation applies smoothly on it.Just one pump of the product is enough to cover the entire face.Don’t over do the product as it sometimes breaks the foundation making the face look flaky and patchy!


But I didn’t feel that my make-up stayed longer after using this product.To make sure I applied the product on just one side.But after 5-6 hours both the sides looked exactly the same.I carried this exercise a good 5-6 times as I badly wanted this primer to prove itself..but always the same result!!I had to touch up on my foundation once and powder a few times in between even though I had this on.Although full points to keep my eye shadow on even though it’s not an eye shadow primer.

It is a good product if you just wanna minimise the appearance of your pores and make your skin look even toned.Don’t depend on it to save your make-up.Also at 16$ for 27ml it is on a pricier side for a drug store brand.

I will not purchase it again..but definitely look around for another make up primer.

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