I generally don’t review nail polishes. Firstly, because nail polishes don’t live up to my expectations (read chips easily and doesn’t dry fast) and secondly, I am all in favor of no hassle for at least 1 month – gel nails!! But these days I am giving gel nails a break as regularly getting gel nails have made my nails thin and brittle. So coming back to the review, I got レブロン Revlon Top Speed Nail Polishes in my ‘fukubukuro‘ ふくぶくろ or lucky bag. The shades I got are F-05 Ocean that is a beautiful Teal color and 051 Celestial that is a transparent color with glitter and stars.

Revlon Top Speed has vitamins and minerals in the varnish so basically good for your nails. Formula is thin but 2 coats are enough to make it opaque. I feel that darker colors go on opaque whereas the lighter ones need more than 2 coats specially in this range.  They do dry super fast, so they are best nail paints to apply before you go to bed (as they will not smudge) or when you are in a hurry..

Only downside I feel is that they chip easily, 2 days without a top coat and 3 days with a strong Japanese top coat!! But I will give them benefit of doubt as I wash my hands way too often. Also “quick dry” is not supposed to last long. But as it is quick dry it is easier to do a quick touch up on your way out. They go on smoothly without any streaking.

They come in normal Revlon packaging, nothing too fancy. They retail around $6 in Japan. I am not very sure about the price as I got them in my fukubukuro.

I definitely recommend these nail polishes, specially the darker shades. They live up to their claim to give a super shiny finish in only a minute!!