I have been using Shiseido Ma Cherie Air Feel shampoo for past 2-3 months and I am just loving it!!This shampoo contains newly innovated champagne honey gelee, a combination of champagne, honey and other moisture ingredients with high penetrating ability to keep hair shiny and elastic.It gives the hair a beautiful and outstanding hair color. Champagne protects against harmful free radicals and oxidative stress; Honey naturally retains the moisture and adds shine to hair; Hydroxyl ethyl urea is an effective moisturising ingredient and Inositol is the vitamin B that soften hairs.


This shampoo comes in a cute translucent pink plastic bottle.The whole packaging gives a very vintage and princessy look.It comes in many sizes but I got the 200ml one for 5$.I think the price is pretty steep for a drug store shampoo but believe some of the other drugstore brands are even pricier here in Japan!!

The product is of translucent pink colour.A small amount lathers well.It has a fresh light fruity scent.It smells amazingly of passion fruit.Together with the conditioner the fragrance stays longer.

It is a great volumizing shampoo perfect for every day use.It is not like other volumizing shampoos that make the hair dry by sucking all the oil for the extra volume.It keeps the hair looking shiny and healthy without much dryness and static electricity!!It keeps the hair bouncy and light.It gives the hair a smooth texture.I needed to wash my hair every alternate day before as they use to look oily and sticky the second day, but now I can easily stretch 2-3 days.This shampoo deep cleans the hair and gets rid of residue.

My hair used to be flat and limp but not any more!!I already puchased my second bottle!!

Now coming on to the conditioner..I used to avoid conditioners as they left my already thin hair limp and volume less.But Shiseido Ma Cherie Air Feel conditioner does not leave the hair heavy.Though it is creamy in texture it does not make the hair weighty.A little product goes a long way.I bought mine with the shampoo and still there is half the bottle to go!!It spreads easily and is not oily at all!!It leaves the hair smooth and easy to comb through.



It comes in many sizes but again I bought the 200ml bottle for 5$.The bottle looks the same as shampoo but is a more opaque pink.Also it has a nice fruity flowery scent.

Will definitely repurchase.

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  1. caroline

    Oh you had me at Champagne! I love it…okay that’s my next try if they carry it in Vancouver!

  2. Aimee

    The packaging looks so pretty! And the champagne and honey sound amazing. I had heard about their beauty benefits, but had never tried them.
    xoxo Aimee


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