I have been not keeping well recently, have been suffering from cold and cough due to the season change. That is why, I try to avoid washing my hair often. And Shiseido Fressy Dry Shampoo has been my saviour for the last few days.
I was looking around for a dry shampoo for quite some time but guess they are not yet common in Japan. Every time I asked in a hair salon they looked at me with weird expressions. So when I saw Shiseido Fressy Dry Shampoo in a drug store, there was just no question of not buying it!!

The packaging looks very simple, almost like a medicine bottle. However, I gave in because of the Shiseido name and also because this is the only and the first dry shampoo I saw in Japan in a good one and a half years!! It cost me $6 for a  15oml bottle.
It is a peppermint scent watery spray. You are supposed to spray it on the roots and then wait for 2 minutes before brushing your hair. It tingles and feels cools when you spray but gently settles down.

I was expecting miraculous results (as if I have just washed and blow dried) but I was wrong. Of course my hair felt little lighter and cleaner but nothing great, just 20 % improvement. But I guess that is the case with most dry shampoos (let me know if you guys feel otherwise!!). You just cannot compare the results with real shampoo!! I can get same results by using talcum powder on the roots. But it is a great option when you are unwell or for busy early mornings when you have to rush to work!!

Also be careful because dry shampoos leave some white residue on hair which may look embarrassing if not taken care of.
I will definitely try other dry shampoos in the future till I find a perfect one. But I will not purchase this again!


Shiseido Fressy Dry Shampoo Review


Shiseido Fressy Dry Shampoo Review


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  1. Saraboy

    Great post, I’ve always wondered if these type of shampoo work or not. Even if the result isn’t 100% perfect, I imagine that this can come in handy when travelling =)

  2. Andrea

    Thanks for the review.
    i use Batiste Original *the other ones are not as good) and I stock up on 8-10 bottles whenever I’m back in EU or the US. I ran out of it and living without it in Japan is a nightmare!
    And on amazon it is 300+yen-ridic!



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