I have been going to Raddi Esthetique for a while now, basically to get facials and my eyebrows waxed. I am in love with their facials, my skin feels so bright and beautiful following Raddi’s facial. However, I had never tried her body wraps before. So when Raddi asked me to review marine body wrap, I mean, never in this world I could turn down an offer like this!

Raddi Esthetics is conveniently located near Universal City Station in Osaka and provides all kind of esthetic services. It is a boon for all non Japanese women in Osaka, for once you can exactly tell what you are looking for without the language barrier. Whether it is a facial to keep your glow intact or a massage to maintain your skin healthy, getting rid of those unwanted body hair with natural wax hair removal, or, treat yourself to a full beauty regimen with treatments such as pedicures, eyelash tinting, foot massage, and Balinese head massage. You can get everything done at Raddi’s. I mean I can go on and on, but for today let’s focus on what I got done and that is Marine Body Wrap!

Raddi claims, “A choice of 3 high-performance marine body wraps combined with a complete body massage to help eliminate toxins, break down fat or re-invigorate skin tissues. This treatment is based on the renowned esthetical technique of heat wrapping. Gentle exfoliation using a marine sponge at the start of the treatment stimulates the epidermis. The selected marine wrap is then applied to the whole body and is activated by a gentle warmth diffused by a heated blanket. This body wrap mask gel is rich in Laminaria, a brown algae that encourages the elimination of fat. A total body massage at the end of the “cocoon” treatment leaves you beautifully relaxed and rehydrated. Depending on which wrap has been used, the body is visibly purified, refined or invigorated.”

You can choose from 3 types of body wrap:

Detox Program that stimulates sweating for improved elimination of toxins. It also aids in contouring.

Contour Program encourages the elimination of fat and detoxifies the tissues.

Remineralizing Program helps in revitalizing and relaxing. This body mask contains essential oils such as Ylang-ylang, Lavender, Sage and Sandalwood.

I went with the Contour Program after Raddi recommended it to being the most suitable for me. It started with a change into bath robe, followed by foot soak in warm water with lavender. I was asked to drink a lot of water to keep me hydrated as this treatment requires heat to remove toxins from the body. After that I was scrubbed and then a green colored algae mask was applied on my entire body, leaving just my face. I was wrapped in a plastic sheet and covered in a heat-producing blanket. My makeup was removed so that my face could also breathe. I think I dozed off in just 5 minutes as it was so relaxing. I finally got up after 45 minutes when it was getting really hot. I was then sent to relax further by having a sauna and finally I was asked to take a shower. And wait, the good things don’t end here! After I was done with taking a shower, I was given a massage with a special Phytomer body cream to further relax and rejuvenate my skin.

It was totally worth to get this treatment as I needed some real pampering mid-week. I felt so light and energized, I can’t even explain that in words. During the week I am too busy to do anything for my skin, and a full body moisturization is out of question. Raddi told me that it is really important to moisturize your entire body at least twice a week to maintain an even skin tone. I am going to religiously moisturize and get more body treatments from now on. If you live in Osaka or are visiting Osaka, I highly recommend getting a body detox or a facial at Raddi’s. You can check out their website here and just to let you know, Raddi does all the treatments herself with personalized service.

Go for it, after all detoxing is in fashion these days! Isn’t it?

Skin Detoxification Marine Body Wrap

I took this photograph the day after I went for the body wrap. I feel my skin looks fresh and glowing, what do you guys think?