P.S.I don’t like passing quick judgements.I prefer using a product for some time before writing a review.Therefore you may find the container little dirty:)

The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask is made for combination/oily skin.It is supposed to purify, cleanse and control excess oil.It has a thick texture and a very nice smell.I generally apply the mask after scrubbing my face with The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion(review here) and after applying the pack finish it off with an oil free moisturizer.Earlier I used to keep it on for 30 minutes but that made my skin very dry.So now I just keep it on for 15 minutes.I can actually see oil coming out of my pores(specially on the nose and from my pimples!!)

The mask gives a slight burning sensation, little dryness and redness after washing off.But everything gets normal after 15 minutes.My break outs looked aggravated but get fine after few hours!!So people with sensitive skin should generally stay away!!

Almost 2 months of using this product I can say that it is indeed a good deep-cleansing mask.It is good for exfoliation.It removed some of my black heads though not all!!It has improved the texture of my skin.My skin feels so clean and soft after applying this.It did not control my pimples but it also does not promise to do that!!

I will purchase this product again though it is little pricy at 38$ for 100ml.But I certainly think they can improve their packaging a bit because it dries quickly in the box!!I am trying to finish off mine fast!!



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