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I bought The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion few days back on my second visit to The Body Shop store for the search of that perfect scrub….what happened on my first visit….read it here.

It comes in a tube of 75ml and the tube looks very appealing with its bright orange colour.It says on the tube that it is a weekly home-spa exfoliation with vitamin C rich Amazonian camu camu and Community Trade shea butter.The camu camu berry grows in small trees in the Peruvian Amazon region and is known to have one of the highest contents of vitamin C in nature.

It smells orangy and fresh.I find the price quite expensive as I paid 1890 Japanese Yen or approx 24$ for it. As compared to drug store scrubs it was a pain to shell out so much dough…but who says beauty comes cheap!!!!!!But as only a small quantity of the product is required so I think it will last me long:)

The directions for usage is to smooth onto wet skin, massage in circular motions to improve skin tone, and rinse.I leave the product on for 2 minutes before rinsing for better results.It says use no more than twice a week(though I use it almost 3 times  a week since my skin has become extra dull result of roaming in the sun and neglecting my skin care routine).I would also suggest you to use soft hand movements as the grains are very small and rough so might damage your skin if not properly done.

The best part of the scrub is that it is thick and creamy but the particles are fine and sand like.It sloughs off rough and dead skin.It has made my skin smooth and my pores look better and more refined now.It definitely gives a spa like appearance to my skin as promised…also my blackheads on the nose and chin have decrease(not disappeared though but I am quite sure it will with continuous use).My skin looks more radiant immediately after the use.

It is the best scrub I have ever come across and I will stick to it.I will definitely buy it again and recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!!

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  1. stillwater92

    Hi there, just stumbled upon your blog! I just bought this a few days ago – and I love it already!! I have oily-combination skin so I too use it more than twice a week…since i love how it leaves me skin feeling 🙂 !

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