I think Red Shoes can make any simple and plain outfit look amazing …..don’t go on my face…this is just my second attempt taking pictures on a self timer….but look at my shoes…how gorgeous they look against my plain white and blue denim combo….atleast I am luuvvving it!!!!!!!

Tank top(New Look), Denim skirt(some boutique in Mumbai,India), Shoes(Zara), Necklace(some boutique in osaka,Japan), Rings(Into the bloom and my old gold rings), Watch(Swatch)

I took these pictures few days back when it was still quite warm…..and I practically live in tank tops during summer months….my skirt is my another wardrobe staple….and these shoes….omgd!!!!they are so pretty…the heel is of ideal height….perfect for walking but dey are little uncomfortable…they cut my toes every time I wear them…but who says fashion comes easy!!!!!I saw them in Dubai last year but thought they were overpriced and so I waited for the Sale Season and when I saw then in Osaka ON SALE  I literally grabbed them before anyone else could even see them…and this is how these babies came home with me!!!!

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