Tony Moly Fruit Princess Lip Gloss トニー モリー フルーツ プリンセス グロス is one of best selling products of this Korean brand. If you like to collect cute things like me, you must have this lipgloss! And If you think that this is just one of those kawaii かわいい lip glosses where more attention is paid toward cute packaging than the actual product, you are about to be proved wrong. Agreed, the packaging is adorable, but the product itself is of high quality and far exceeded my expectations! And to add on it, the decent price of just $4 for 7ml of product is the icing on the cake!

Tony Moly claims – Cute Fruit-shaped gloss that moisturizes your lips and makes them look like the sparkle in fruit juice. Creates transparent & gorgeous lips – offers nutrition & a moisturizing feeling. These glosses contain 7 kinds of fruits extract, shea butter, glycerin, hyaluronic acid to offer nutrition and moisturizing feeling. They have high glossy polymer that creates transparent and gorgeous lips.

Each gloss has a refreshing fruit scent! They smell like the fruit on their hats. The scents are really lovely! They come in 7 variations (#1) Strawberry, (#2) Plum, (#3) Mangosteen, (#4) Apricot, (#5) Pomegranate, (#6) Cherry & (#7) Apple. Their scents mimic the fruits they’re named after, but there’s no flavor to go along with it. I only have the Plum one which is a sparkly magenta with iridescent glitter. The color is barely visible. It has a hint of pink in it with some violet shimmer and it smells like plums!

The packaging is translucent and the bottom part of the lip gloss container is see through, too. The lid is very cute and looks like a plum too. It’s portable in your bag or pouch because it’s very small. I tend to take it with me & reapply whenever I need to! It has a handy size!

This feels like a higher-end gloss on the lips. It’s not sticky at all, and has a wonderful, creamy gelly like texture. It’s a thin sheer like gloss, but the staying power is impressive for a gloss. I can easily get two or three hours with this one. In addition to the wonderful texture, I find this gloss to be surprisingly moisturizing and hydrating. My lips feels so smooth while it is on and even after. It leaves my lips very glowy & sparkly. It gives a fresh & awake look. Also great for layering on top of my favorite lip color.

This one’s a win-win-win all the way around and now I really want the entire collection. If you like to collect cute things like me, you need to get your hands on this one! It’s a gloss, a balm and a hint of lipstick – all in one adorable packaging!

Tony Moly Fruit Princess Lip Gloss Review トニー モリー フルーツ プリンセス グロス


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