Too Cool For School is a Korean cosmetic brand with fun designs at affordable prices. Most of their packaging is red and black. No prizes for guessing that the packaging of this lip balm attracted me to buy this. It comes in a cool rectangular tube and has a red ribbon to pull. Packaging is super cool, definitely a conversation starter. It costs about $16 which I think is pretty expensive.  But, I don’t mind spending some extra dough if the packaging is something I can really enjoy.

Too Cool For School claims that this product “gives the plump glittering shine for a more stereoscopic makeup. Lovely colour that shines with stereoscopic animation, the 4D glossy stick. It has a moisture effect with free tea extract, Vitamin E derivatives and mango butter. These moisture providers leave lips moist for a long time. It has jewellery ingredients – 5 jewel complex of white gold, diamond, amethyst, tourmaline and pearl that add the brilliance of jewels on the lips.”

Too Cool For School Lip Study Water Beam Stick comes in 5 shades #1 Tint Red #2 Strawberry Milk #3 Blueberry Milk #4 Peach Girl and #5 Natural Lip. The one I have is #4 which is a gorgeous peachy lip color. It claims to be flavour or fragrance free, although it smells like candies to me.

It is light and moisturising as the name water beam suggests. It is like a lip balm – moisturising and non-sticky, shiny and glossy.
It is somewhere between a lipstick and lip balm but more watery. It has a buildable colour. I wear it on a daily basis when I don’t wanna wear lipstick.

The only negative I can think is that it settles in my lip cracks which I don’t like. Also, it wears off easily as it is a water-based lip balm. But I don’t mind reapplying my lipstick after eating or drinking.

I might try a darker color in the future. It is a good product for everyday use when you want to just go easy with your makeup!

Too Cool For School Lip Study Water Beam Stick


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