New Year, New Look, New Hair Color

Top hair coloring products in Japan

Wouldn’t it be nice to start the year with a new look? Aside from getting a new haircut, which can completely change your look in an instant, dyeing your hair is a viable option, too. In Japan, you will notice that a lot of women tend to have a myriad of experimental hair colors, with the population predominantly having black hair as their natural color. Based on research conducted by Manafusa in 2010, 92% of women (21-49 years old) had dyed their hair at least once. Going to a salon for professional advice on hair color can be quite expensive that’s why most women tend to just dye their hair at home. Before you color your own hair, you can take this short quiz from Garnier to make sure that you are catering for your hair’s needs. After that, you can start using any of the products listed below to get the color that you desire:

Beauteen Ex Mega Bleach (Blonde)

Women with dark hair often dream of being blonde. Now is your chance to look like Sailor Moon, who is a famous anime character with long pig-tailed blonde hair. The Beauteen Ex Mega Bleach can be easily applied on the hair and it will transform your black hair color into blonde in less than 30 minutes. Are you ready to become the next blonde bombshell in Japan?





Liese Bubble Hair Color (Elegant Ash)

This is the perfect product for those who want to get a sophisticated dark ash color look. A dark hair color has lots of potential – it is fierce and intense and has become the signature look of several icons, including Cleopatra. Throughout the years, Cleopatra has appeared not just in several movies and shows, but her likeness has also appeared in games, such as Dante’s Inferno and the Cleopatra slot game on BubbleBonusBingo. The dark, cropped hair is the first step to achieving Cleopatra’s signature look. If you used to dye your hair red or other bright colors, then this will be a lovely change.

LIESE bubble hair color ash brown




Palty Hair Color (Creamy Cherry Blossom)

This product does not only give you results, but also extremely nice because of its fruity and floral fragrance. Red haired women often get the attention of men just like that of the adorable celebrities Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. You too can show your sweet side by using the Palty Hair Color in Creamy Cherry Blossom. This product can turn you into a hot red-haired girl like the sultry Jessica Rabbit.



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