If you work 9 to 5 in an office setting, or are continuously perplexed about what to wear to work, want to know what business casual women must haves are, read on…

The number one on my list is “Wrap dresses”. Wrap dresses are the most flattering and sexy of all styles. They are perfect for creating a sophisticated office or party entrance, effortlessly chic and easily go from day to night or office to a party by simply swapping flats for strappy sandals and a pop of colour on the lips. You can make a style statement in bold brights and eye catching prints, or rack up ample of style points in monochrome for a sophisticated work look. Wrap dresses are a fashionable favorite for their easy style and their ability to flatter every figure. A slimming cinched waist in a flattering shade will enhance and conceal all the right places and play up your curves!

To this day the wrap dress is the most wanted dress that works for all body types, all women, all occasions and events. It perfectly blends effortlessness and femininity with elegance. It’s easy to get into, and easier to get out of. It all started in the 70s when the fabulous Diane Von Furstenberg invented the iconic wrap dress that since then has become a symbol of femininity, a staple, and much more than just a dress.

The best part is that it goes with almost everything. No extra add-ons required. It’s simple. Yet does more than any over-the-top statement piece does. I love how it looks with a leather jacket, a clash of chic and edgy. But for work or more formal occasions, I would pair it with a blazer to oomph up my casual business style ビジネスカジュアル.

The wrap dress is a flattering closet staple that every woman should have. There are so many more options to choose from these days. If you don’t get a dress you truly adore, opt for a wrap skirt or even a comfy wrap style romper! Any woman on this earth who chooses to wear a wrap dress will no doubt look smashing great in it!



work to party dresses


Dress – Asos エイソス, $58, 2016;
Jacket – Azul by Moussy アズールバイマウジー, $120, 2015, also worn here;
Shoes – Charles & Keith チャールズ・ウォン、キース, $60, 2014, also worn here;
Bag – Louis Vuitton ルイ・ヴィトン, gift, 2015;
Watch – Marc Jacobs マークジェイコブス, gift, 2012, also worn here;
Cuff – Forever 21 フォーエバー21, $8, 2013, also worn here;
Sunglasses – Guess, $150, 2007;
Choker – Forever 21 フォーエバー21, $5, 2016;