Summer is here and one of the colors making a comeback in a huge way is white.
Glossing over fashion mags, watching red carpet event, or soaking in the street fashion scene, one cannot help but notice celebrities, bloggers and fashion gurus teaming up their white outfits with tan and gold accessories.
I like white, not getting into the philosophy of stuff as in white being the symbol of purity etc. I think white is universal and goes with any other color, just like black. But, hey try wearing black in the sweltering summer heat and you are going to be one golden crisp fried potato.
So white is my signature color this summer, perfect to beat the heat, soothing to the eyes and offers umpteen options, be it a white top, white shoes, white blazer or even white sunglasses, or breathable white lace, a big trend now, though I’ve always considered it classic.
Personally I think I am no fashion victim who follows trends blindly. Folks who follow me or share my passion for fashion (that sounds so lyrical) will perhaps point that I normally climb on the fashion trend bus, when it is on its last leg of the journey.
Perhaps I am a bit too cautious and keep having these internal debates with myself, if a particular trend will produce the desired result – really I don’t want to be unnecessarily hoarding stuff, regretting my purchases and wondering what went wrong. Zara and H&M are my safest bets, my go to brands – they seem to have their pulse on the right trends and with so many options to choose from and a very high frequency of “new stock”, these high street brands assist me in looking trendy and up to date that too without breaking a bank.
When it comes to accessories such as shades or watches, I think they have a higher longevity and I do at times am more impulsive and like to splurge a bit like these Marc Jacobs sunglasses and watch I am wearing in the following outfit.
I am a Marc Jacobs devotee and many a times I wished just like H&M collaborated with David Beckham, perhaps one day it would be Marc Jacobs. It would be a dream come true!

White dress – Zara, $60, 2015;
White shoes – Zara, $60, 2015;
Gold belt – Forever 21 フォーエバー21, $9, 2013, also worn here;
Gold bracelet – H&M, $7, 2015, also worn here;
Watch – Marc Jacobs マーク ジェイコブス , gift, 2013, also worn here;
Bag – Michael Kors, gift, 2014;
Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs マーク ジェイコブス , 130$, 2013, also worn here;