Many of the travel brochures & posters on Japan prominently feature The Great Buddha of Kamakura. This is a bronze statue of Amida Buddha located on the grounds of Kotokuin Temple and is the second tallest bronze Buddha statue in Japan.
(For the list-o-holics the Todaiji Temple in Nara houses the biggest statue & you can read all about it on my blog here.)

So this year, when I treated myself to a little ‘Spring break’, discovering ‘off the beaten path’ attractions of Tokyo and vicinity, I decided to also visit Kamakura.

Kamakura, located in the Kanazawa prefecture, is perfect for a day trip away from Tokyo. Here in this peaceful coastal town, I discovered that apart from the Great Buddha Statue, Kamakura is home to many famous temples & shrines, perhaps that is why it is also known as the Kyoto of Eastern Japan.

After admiring The Great Buddha, I decided on taking one of the several walking trails from Kotokuin Temple. Although I am no big fan of walking – but these trails are dotted with several shops, cafes and souvenir shops – so I thoroughly enjoyed the pleasant experience by indulging in my favorite activity, window shopping.

The walking trail led me to Hasadera Temple, famous for its statue of Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy. Like most Japanese temples, it too has a very pretty Japanese style garden and a water body. But the icing on the cake is that since the temple is built on a slope, it offers a beautiful view of the beach. I really wanted to hit the beach, but had to pass it due to limited time.

Hasadera temple is also one of the most famous places for Ajisai, so another strong reason for me to visit again!

Check here and here if you love Ajisai as much as I do.
Access: JR Yokosuka Line connects Tokyo station directly with Kamakura Station.
Time: Under an hour
Cost: 920 Yen (From the station we took a taxi to the Great Buddha and it cost around 1200 Yen. There are many buses too!)

Hasedera (長谷寺)


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