In the summer time, the heat and the city is a tough combination. It’s hot. I’m so busy. I am always tired. I don’t have time to get clever with my outfits these days. Summer has a way of pushing us more in a summer uniform direction, not only is it too hot to wear anything with weight to it, complicated layers seem just very wrong. In this fast fashion-filled world, sometimes it’s calming to have a uniform to fall back on. So when I’m not wearing a dress, I have another simple summer uniform that looks good on every one. This is my go-to summer heat dressing down uniform – a sleeve less top, ripped jeans that keep me cool, sandals and big statement earrings like these ones from SheIn. Big earrings beacuse they make the whole outfit look dressed and not too relaxed or like you’ve given up. Simple and effortless yet still polished. It makes you look “finished” without much thought! Now that is what I like when I am hot! I prefer thinking more about ice cream than what to wear!

how to wear statement earrings


how to style big earrings



how to style ripped jeans


Top – Discoat ディスコート, $20, 2015;
Jeans – H&M, $40, 2016, also worn here;
Sandals – H&M, $10, 2015;
Bag – DKNY, gift , 2013, also worn here;
Earrings – SheIn, $11, 2016, buy it here;
Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs,マーク ジェイコブス ,$ 130, 2013, also worn here;

Planning to wear these earrings again with this beautiful SheIn blue lace dress (buy a similar one here)

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