I was able to cross one item off my bucket list last month. I went to see the 66th Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido in the north of Japan. It is held every year in February and it is one of Japan’s largest events featuring snow and ice sculptures. Just to give you a little background, this festival was started in 1950 when a group of high school students built a few snow sculptures in Odori Park. Now this festival is staged at 3 venues – Odori park, Susukino and Tsu Dome. I visited Odori Park that is a big park in the centre of the city and Susukino that is the entertainment district famous for its night life.
I reached Sapporo in the morning and so was able to see sculptures during the day as well as night. After dark, they have special lights and laser shows, so I strongly recommend going there late in the afternoon so that you can experience both.
Among all the sculptures my favorite has to be “Star Wars”. There were only a few big ones and more smaller ones.
It was a great experience as I had never seen so much snow in my life before, however I feel that this festival is slightly overrated. Definitely go there, but only if you are around or in Sapporo. Specially going there to see a few ice sculptures doesn’t make sense (I have heard that the number of sculptures is decreasing every year!!).
Also it was super cold there and I didn’t see very young kids enjoying there! Poor ones must have been dragged there by parents. Also it was very messy with constant rain and snow. Only saving grace was that there were not many people and stalls were selling hot food and drinks. I had hot Mojito with some sort of flower in it. Trust me Mojito never tasted so good before! Also how can I forget my trusty boots that I bought just a day before leaving for Sapporo. One thing I have realized that it makes a hell lot of difference in walking on snow, that is if you have right shoes on!!

Sapporo Snow Festival さっぽろ雪まつり @ Hokkaido Japan 北海道 日本


Winter outfit


Some girls were wearing heels in snow…wonder how they were walking!!!

I am wearing;
Jacket – Zara, $90 on sale, 2015;
Pants – H&M, $25, 2014;
Bag – GU, $20, 2013, also worn here;
Hat – Namba Parks, $10, 2015;
Sunglasses – Mango, $13, 2011, also worn here;
Circle Scarf – H&M, $10, 2012, also worn here;
Gloves – Lanvin, $20 on sale, 2015;
Boots – Bershka, $35 on sale, 2015;