We all know what neutrals are – black and white and grey and beige that are somber and well-behaved and work well with all most any other color in the color wheel. Sometimes they let navy blue join their club, although navy blue is a little wild for that bunch. But there’s a new neutral in town, and it’s… pink? Yes, pink. Dusty pink.

Well I am no color expert, but I can say that dusty pink is feminine and youthful in its softer shades, with more passion and energy in its deeper shades. Combining it with darker colors gives it more sophistication and strength. Try to match with black; the contrast will be contemporary. This soft shade just invites you to play with colors. Grays are a good pair but just about any other soft shades will do. I would love to pair this soft shade with something unusual such as a warm yellow or mint green. I can safely quote that a pale, dusky pink actually makes a wonderful neutral.

Dusty pink is such an exquisite and romantic color. It’s much sophisticated than its flashy cousin hot pink and more striking than its simple sister light pink. And fortunately it actually works on a variety of skin tones from fairer to darker ones! Who knew that this muted color could be extremely sexy and even super chic!

This modern color might feel more suited to spring or fall, however you will be excited to know that it has been all over the runway and has been given the stamp of approval by the designers themselves! So you can safely wear it all through the summer! Luckily I got my hands on this dusty pink Zara skirt during the summer sales. I am pretty much sorted for the coming months, how about you?

what i wore


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neck scarf


Top – H&M, $40, 2015;
Skirt – Zara, $30 on sale, 2016;
Shoes – Stradivarius, ストラディバリウス, $23 on sale, 2015, also worn here;
Bag – Chanel シャネル, gift, 2014, also worn here;
Scarf – Laduree ラデュレ, $10, 2015;
Sunglasses – Forever 21 フォーエバー21, $ 10, 2015, also worn here;
Watch – Tag Heuer タグ·ホイヤー, gift, 2009, also worn here;