Kao MegRythm Steam Eye Mask is all around the drug stores in Japan. They are so popular that I actually see tourists buying boxes and boxes of this product. And I don’t blame them. This product is actually that good! If this product ever gets discontinued, and I get to know, I will definitely stock up too!
花王 Kao claims this product to be a “New Eye Comfort Innovation! Relieves, Relaxes and Brightens eyes in just 10 minutes.”
Comfortable heat of 40 degenerated from steam eye mask gradually spreads to gently envelop your eyes. Steam produced from the heat moistens and soothes tired eyes , de-stresses and refreshes for brighter looking eyes.
1. Warm steam produced from the comfortable heat of 40 degree moistens and soothes tired eyes
2. Well designed all-rounded mask wraps eyes gently while the ultra-thin material conforms to your eye contours
3. Disposable and hygienic

My take on this mask:
Kao Megrythm eye mask is for those who spend a lot of time in front of TV or laptop. This mask is targeted at modern people to warm their over used eyes in order to feel relaxed and ease such stress. I generally use it before going to bed. The heat lasts for around 10 minutes…by then I usually fall asleep. The heating effect doesn’t last longer, therefore, there is no fear of burning my eyes. The soothing effect lasts even after the mask has cooled down.

This mask contains a steam generating thermo pad, to provide comforting warmth for over-used eyes from full day’s work. It comes in two types of packaging – packs of 5 individual pads or 14 individual pads. I always get the bigger one for $9. It comes in many variations: Unscented, lavender – sage aroma to calm and relax your senses, Chamomile – ginger aroma to calm and release stress and fresh rose aroma to soothe and brighten your mood. I always get the lavender – sage one, but will try out the rose one next time!

All the pads are individually wrapped. It is made of soft cotton material. The sling for the ears will fit any size. It is really comfortable to wear. Entire mask is so light that it doesn’t feel heavy or a burden and the ear loops prevent the mask from slipping off.
Once the package is opened, there is some reaction with oxygen that leads to immediate heating. Mask begins to warm automatically and slowly steam the area around my eyes and relax my eyes. Heat is highest in the beginning but slowly dies down. It is dry although it claims to be a hot steam eye mask.

This mask is good for overall relaxation, perfect or long tiring days or flights to soothe tired puffy panda eyes. The heating mechanism of the mask increases blood flow to the eyes which make the nutrients travel more to the eye zone, making the eyes less puffy. It relieves and soothes tired eyes – it helps me relax so quickly that I fall asleep in 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t help in treating dark circles, however has a temporary effect on de-puffing my eyes.

It is not exactly cheap, so I can’t use it everyday. But if it was, I would wear it to bed everyday! For sure!