Tokyo has a plethora of restaurants for brunch or lunch. But if you want gorgeous views, live music, and don’t mind to spend a few extra bucks, Park Hyatt Shinjuku’s New York Grill is the perfect place for you. As a fan of the movie ‘Lost in Translation’ and a starry-eyed foreigner, I had always wanted to dine at the New York Grill. That is how I landed there on my birthday for brunch! For those who don’t know, its iconic bar gained fame after appearing in Sofia Coppola’s movie ‘Lost in Translation’ starring Bill Murry and Scarlett Johannson.

Perched on the 52nd floor of Park Hyatt Tokyo, is the vibrant New York Grill, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows offering breathtaking views of Tokyo. After an elevator ride from the ground floor to the hotel atrium on the 41st floor, you have to walk past the lobby, a few restaurants, and a library, and then you have to take the second elevator up to the 52nd floor for the restaurant. The elevator doors open to an incredible view of the Tokyo skyline from the 52nd floor of the Park Hyatt.

Interior – Their interior is contemporary and sophisticated and features four massive paintings of New York scenes by Italian artist Valerio Adami and a wine cellar housing over 1,800 bottles of wines. Their stunning open kitchen is one of the things you notice when entering the restaurant. This restaurant has a separate dining area for a formal sit down meal and bar area with jazz music playing. Both the areas offer beautiful views of Tokyo skyline owing to large windows.

Food: this is the best hotel buffet brunch in Tokyo. The ¥7000 menu includes a glass of champagne, coffee and tea, access to the appetizer and dessert buffets and a choice of the main course.

Appetizer bar included bread, fresh salads, cut meats, seafood, cheeses etc, you can actually stuff yourself just with the appetizers, but make sure keep room for the main course and dessert.

The main dish selection is great. You can choose from the menu of six items mainly poultry, fish and Australian beef, but for a surcharge, you can have Kobe beef. I went for the steak option. The beef was tender and tasty, and the asparagus and mustard which came along just enhanced the overall taste of the dish.

After our meal, we were taken to the other side, where we could appreciate a different view of the city. If you are a fan of Lost in Translation like me, you will remember this space as it has a starring role in the movie. The bar counter in the movie had been converted to a dessert counter during lunch time. We were also entertained by jazz musicians who were playing in the bar area.

But first, I was given a special gelato dessert with a cute message for my birthday. The dessert buffet has an ice cream station, where you can customize your own bowl of frozen delights. They also have a variety of seasonal desserts such as cakes, tarts, brownies, cookies, candies etc.

Service – Service was outstanding. Our server was very attentive and the service was flawless. He went an extra step to check what food items had fish after I told him that I was allergic to fish.

Dress code – Wear something classy and formal as most of the guests were dressed immaculately. Who knows who you might spot!

I realize New York Grill is often looked as a tourist trap, but I think otherwise. Other hotels offer similar brunch deals, but the combination of the delicious food and amazing views from the 52nd-floor restaurant, accompanied by awesome live jazz music playing in the background is an exceptionally awesome experience.

I wouldn’t hesitate to return to New York Grill for a cocktail, just like in the movie ‘lost in Translation’!!!

New York Grill
52 F Park Hyatt
Mon-Sun Lunch: 11:30-2:30 Dinner: 5:30-10:00pm
Phone – 03-5323-4358

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