Just a two-minute walk from Omotesando station will get you to one of the finest restaurants in Tokyo, Cicada. Cicada is housed in a 50-year-old, a three-story mansion with a large garden and swimming pool. It was built by a famous Japanese architect, Yoshinobu Ashihara. The restaurant claims to have “A resort-like space where you can enjoy the authentic Mediterranean cuisine. There is a mysterious Asian feel while the terrace and pool lounge seats give off a colonial European ambiance.” Additionally, an all-day café called Crisscross and a bakery called Breadworks is located in the same complex.

Cicada is always very busy and fortunately has many options for seating arrangements. There are booths, counters, bar seats, an outdoor terrace, pool area, and three private rooms. On a hot summer afternoon in Tokyo, what can be better than an outside pool table! We went there on a Monday afternoon, but still, there was not even one empty table. It was buzzing with activity with more and more guests walking in. We were seated on a big table which we had to share with other guests in the piloti area, but, we could still order from the main Cicada menu. However, they changed our table to a pool one, once it got free.

If you can’t get a table at Cicada, the next-door cafe-bar, Crisscross, also has a plenty of outside deck seating. You can get soup, salads, and sandwiches at lunchtime, the main course in the evening, and pancakes and craft beer all day long. Also, they have many different kinds of beer from TY Harbor Brewery there.


Cicada’s menu has Mediterranean influences, ranging from Moroccan, Portuguese and Italian cuisine. They have everything from Moroccan tagines, Lebanese mezze, and kibbe, with a bit of Greek, Sicilian and Spanish cuisine.

A lunch course is available which consists of a tapas or mezze, a seafood or meat dish or the weekly lunch, a drink, and a dessert or cheese. The lunch course is for 3,800 yen per person. Other lunch options cost about 2,000 yen per person. I selected Pork loin saltimbocca wrapped in prosciutto and sage and my friend went with the Mezze Plate which came with 6 different tapas. Not to forget, coffee and tea were also included in our menu. Above all, there is a free flow serving of iced tea and a basket of warm flatbread along with a hummus dip. Seasoned with olive oil and aromatic herbs, it was so good that we asked them for a second helping.

As we wanted to spend more time at our pool seat we also ordered desserts from their a la carte menu. I got Apricot cake with mascarpone cream and crushed almonds. My friend ordered Superrich warm valrhona 70% cacao chocolate cake with chocolate gelato.

Final thoughts on Cicada:

Cicada is a resort-like restaurant which gives out a colonial European ambiance in the middle of Tokyo. It will make you feel as if you are on holiday in the Mediterranean. Cicada is a very easygoing restaurant, with a trendy yet relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, good lounge music playing in the background is the added bonus.


Phone number: 03-6434-1255
Address:  Cicada, 5-7-28 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062

A taste of Mediterranean in Tokyo – Cicada Omotesando


A taste of Mediterranean in Tokyo – Cicada Omotesando


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A taste of Mediterranean in Tokyo – Cicada Omotesando


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