Welcome to my world of high-street fashion in Japan!!!!! I am an Indian, staying in tokyo, Japan since last 7 years.

The reason nah reasons I started this blog is firstly because this blog an amalgamation of my three hobbies 1) clothes, shoes, make up and bags 2) clicking pictures of others as well as mine 3) writing…ok so I have dabbled in a little bit of professional writing for a newspaper in India. I was a teenager then, but so what!!! I still carry my only claim to fame aka my articles with me on all the job interviews.

I started this blog because I had plenty of time at my disposal. Although I’m a hotelier by profession and have an MBA in Finance, I can’t work in hotels in Japan because I don’t know Japanese (learning though). However, I have changed industries since then and have moved to Corporate Business Training. So you can tell that I have my hands full at the moment. I try to update this blog as regularly as possible, but there are some days when I just wanna sit in front of the TV after hectic 9-10 hours at work!!!

Thirdly I find my style of dressing very boring, actually very basic and blah! So I am trying to take more risks and dress more with an edge slowly and steadily. The whole blogging community is my inspiration.

Now since you have already landed here I sincerely hope we will remain friends forever. All your comments are appreciated! I would be happy to provide information about anything and everything mentioned on the blog.

You can contact me via e-mail at;


Prerna Priyam

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