I make it a point to visit Biotique store whenever I am in India. Biotique products are a perfect blend of authentic Ayurveda recipes taken from the ancient and original Veda texts along with advanced cutting edge Swiss biotechnology. Their skin care and hair care products are 100% organic and safe to use. All Biotique products are made with preservative-free ingredients and no animal testing is done. I saw this Biotique fragrance when I was in India in November. It was not very expensive and I am really into Indian scents and perfume oils, so I thought to give it a try.

According to Biotique, “A woody aromatic fragrance that liberates your senses, Biotique Fresh Neroli Eau De Cologne is a provocative blend of citrus and woods that intoxicates you. This fragrance is made of authentic Ayurvedic ingredients that promises to stay with you throughout the day. Spray it on your pulse points for long lasting effect. It is timeless and elegant.”

Price and longetivity – It retails for Rs.699 for 50ml and the quality is worth the price – I sprayed a little on my wrist and I could feel it all day long. It is a long lasting fragrance and is suitable for daily wear.

Shelf life – 3 years from date of manufacture

Ingredients – The main ingredients are patchouli extract, almond oil and Himalayan water. Patchouli carries a rich, earthy, woody aroma and has a faint notice of fruit within it, and is used as a base note for many perfumes and colognes. Neroli oil is produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, and has an intensely floral, citrusy, sweet and exotic fragrance to it – one of the classic elements in fragrance design.

I adore the smell of neroli, so it is definite that this fragrance should appeal to me. Biotique Fresh Neroli Eau De Cologne is light, zesty and fresh. It is a fresh, clean and crispy scent. It is a perfect blend of citrus and woods. It is light, clean and sophisticated. The opening is just beautiful. It starts off with a blast of feminine and flowery neroli and the settle down is very nice musky and woody scent. As the scent dries down, it starts to get slightly musky. The transition is almost unnoticeable and very smooth. A lovely scent to brighten your mood or to refresh yourself after a long, tiresome day – a light, classy neroli with some musk.

This Biotique cologne is more ideal for summer and spring, owing to its fresh and citrusy scent, but I will wear this one all throughout the year. I am hooked to its citrusy, yet musky and subtle essence. If you’re looking for a natural, fresh, and relaxed scent, you should definitely try this one out. It is a very good product considering the price. Biotique’s name and Ayurveda’s assurance are added bonus.

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